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How to make the two Qallo cocktails
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The sun is shining, it's 28°C outside. You've invited some friends and it's time to put on the BBQ. But you want so
Meet our newest partners
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June was a big month in terms of partnerships. We got our very first DJ, athlete and partner streamer from The Nethe
How to make the perfect Qallo
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It's two in the afternoon, you're at work and you're starting to feel a little tired. But you still have to finish th
B&O Beoplay Portal Review
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I used the previous version of the B&O Beoplay Portal on a daily base. I was very happy with the build quality, the sound quality and the microphone. That microphone is epic - the noise cancellation of the background sound is so good that I can communicate with other people, even when I'm sitting in a noisy place.
Qallo available on the Decathlon webshop
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Big news!  The Qallo products are also available on the Decathlon webshop 🥳 Qallo is more and more used by cyclists, p
Buy A Tub, Get A Free Sticker
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Are you a real Qallo fan? Than we're sure you need this: the limited edition holo Qallo® logo sticker. It's out ther
Rave with the CasualGorilla Sticker!
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If you like to watch a Belgian stream on Twitch from time to time, you've probably seen it. Whether you're a CasualG
Qallo Partners With Team New Age
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Big news. Today we announced our partnership with the US-based Team New Age. Together, we want to push our mission o
QEnergy - The Energy Boost For Thriving In The Di
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After launching Qallo a year ago, our family has tremendously grown with a bunch of unique, positive minded and ambitious people, using our plant-based supplements QFocus, QSleep and QFlex. We couldn't be more proud of how things were going. But something was missing...

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