Why did we start Qallo?

Qallo was founded in September 2020 by Alexander Van Laer, Moos Tits, and Niels Peetermans. Alexander, Moos, and Niels had previously collaborated on the successful car-sharing platform Poppy. We share a passion for making a large, positive impact on society.

Our motto is 'if everyone spreads positive energy, we all benefit from it.' Of course, we're not perfect ourselves, but we try extremely hard to spread feel-good vibes through a beautiful product. We strongly believe in the importance of health, but perhaps more importantly: we believe in the power of positivity.

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Alexander Van Laer

CEO & co-founder

Niels Peetermans

COO & co-founder

Ian Hesbeens


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Our latest video

Our energizer celebrates its second birthday

Two years ago, we introduced Qallo QEnergy, a healthy, mixable energy drink initially embraced by the gaming community. As our community grew, we refined our formula and rebranded to simply Qallo, focusing on natural ingredients and environmental sustainability. Today, we're proud of our journey, fueled by positive energy and grateful for the supportive community that has been with us every step of the way. ❤️

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