Some of us are Teemo players (and have no soul), some of us are not. Niels and Alexander are not.

We are a group of 90s kids that have been playing video games for over 20 years. Rocking FIFA 98 on our Nintendo 64's, playing rats maps in Counter-Strike 1.6 (& later surfing in CS:GO), grinding Runescape and World of Warcraft throughout our teens, spamming R in League of Legends since S1 and topping it off with an unhealthy dose of Rocket League, Minecraft, Left 4 Dead and ,more recently, Fall Guys, Among Us, PUBG and CoD: Warzone. It's safe to say we've been a victim of 'the grind' too many times. 


In addition, over the past years we have launched 6 ventures together. Diverse companies in different industries with only 1 thing in common. We always created ventures with positive impact. Starting ventures is an exhausting business and we had to learn all kind of techniques, tips and tricks to reach our maximum human potential. Physically and mentally. Optimizing how we eat. How we sleep. Boosting our body and mind with physical exercise and meditation. Experimenting with tons of food supplements ranging from vitamins, minerals and amino acids to specific nootropics.


Based on these learnings and our love for gaming, we created Qallo. Amateur - yet fanatic - gamers ourselves, we experienced the importance of sleep, nutrition, physical activity, stretching, mental resilience and communication at first hand. And we learned which methods and products can positively impact our in-game performance.

But these products and this knowledge should not only be available to the lucky few. We want to create as much heroes as possible, allowing every gamer to reach their maximum potential in a healthy way. 


 That's why we created Qallo. Because we believe we can make a difference. We believe we can create healthy nutritional products to improve your gaming performance. We believe we can share our insights so that everyone can reach their full potential. We believe we can have a positive impact. The Esports community deserves it, (future) players deserve it, teams deserve it and viewers deserve to enjoy watching their heroes play as good and as long as possible. That's the reason why we do this. 


Qallo offers (international) pro gamers and gaming teams support in their performance in their Esports Performance Center where.


Customers rate us 4,9/5.