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Why did we start Qallo?

Getting the most out of life. That's something we strive for ourselves, every day. A healthy lifestyle will take you far, but we all suffer from an energy dip from time to time. Unfortunately, we often resort to a drink full of sugar and artificial ingredients. We wanted to change that.

Together with a professor of pharmacology and toxicology, we developed Qallo, a powder solution based on plant extracts and B-vitamins that you mix with 0,5L - 1,0L of water, resulting in a refreshing, fruity drink with a limited ecological impact. We have big ambitions and our story is only beginning.

Moos, Niels & Alexander
Founders Qallo

Our Team

Alexander Van Laer

CEO & co-founder

Niels Peetermans

COO & co-founder

Moos Tits

CMO & co-founder

Ian Hesbeens


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