Moos Tits

Moos is well known for his -sometimes extreme- experimental mindset. Both in business and personal life he does not shy away from stress testing new trends to achieve peak performance. In his spare time Moos is a (marathon) runner and RPG enthousiast that doesn't leave any stone unturned. He recently minted his first NFT. Unconfirmed reports state that he is still recovering from a major Runescape addiction.

Alexander Van Laer

Alexander is an avid hiker and explorer. He often holds passionate exposition about the beauty of nature and getting back-to-basics. He's a seasoned executive and navigated multiple ventures through uncharted terrain. Put him behind a (sim) racing steering wheel and he becomes a different person, with full focus on driving perfect lines without hesitation. What many people don't know is that Alexander actually had a brief stint as an online amateur TV chef.

Niels Peetermans

Niels doesn't shy away from high-stake challenges and recently did an ultra bike ride of over 500km/310miles in 24 hours. He's pushing boundaries between traditional sports and gaming, by brining (olympic medallist) coaches together with Esport teams. You can often find him on his skateboard or in the LoL Rift, both with highly varying succes. He's always complaining that he is too tall for achieving the full planche in calisthenics. Rumour says he holds the crypto wallet with the highest returns of the team.

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