2 Years Of Positive Energy

Exactly 2 years ago, we launched the first version of our energy drink. Since then, a lot of cool things have happened. In order to look back together on the past 2 years, we've made a short video featuring some images from this crazy period.

Qallo QEnergy

Qallo QEnergy was the name, healthy energy was the game. An energy drink that you create by adding powder to your water. An energy drink shouldn't be a guilty pleasure, but something you can enjoy and feel good about.

We launched in the gaming scene. Customers turned into a community, community turned into a real tribe. Words can't express how grateful we are for this loyal following.

From Qallo QEnergy to Qallo

Shortly after our launch, we got a lot of interest from people beyond the gaming sphere, all seeking a healthier alternative in the crowded energy drink market.

So last year we optimized our formula to make it even more natural and we changed our packaging. Qallo QEnergy transformed into simply Qallo, together with a new look and feel that better represented our ambition: a healthy, energizing beverage loaded with natural ingredients accessible to everyone.

A drink, not only good for you, but also for the planet. Limiting the impact on the environment by saving on disposable cans or bottles on top of reducing the pressure on the logistical chain because we don't have to ship tons of water. Only the water enhancer.

The Qallo Team: Moos Tits, Niels Peetermans, Alexander Van Laer and Ian Hesbeens

We're on a mission

After two years, we take immense pride in where we stand today, but this is just the beginning.

Our path is a journey, a journey driven by the mission of creating one of the most inspiring functional beverage brands out there. A brand that stands for positive energy, not only in the form of an energy drink but also as a way of life.

Be the positive change you want to see in the world. A big thank you to our valued customers, our community. We appreciate you, we love you. Let's do this, together! πŸš€

The Qallo team
Alexander, Niels, Ian & Moos

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