How to make the two Qallo cocktails

Making the Qallo cocktails

The sun is shining, it's 28°C outside. You've invited some friends and it's time to put on the BBQ. But you want something to get the party started. Look no further, we've got you covered with two delicious Qallo cocktails. These two were a big success on the Qallo Community Event end of May. Some people immediately asked for the recipe. So, we wrote everything down so you can make this delicions refreshment at home.

Mango Jango

As the name says it, this cocktail is built around the Mango Pineapple.

  1. Add an (preferably slow melting) ice cube to a glass of at least 250ml
  2. Add 40ml brown Rum. We used Bacardí Añejo Cuatro. But feel free to experiment with other brown rum.
  3. Make a Qallo Mango Pineapple and add 100ml to the mix
  4. Mix this with 5ml lemon juice. We used lemon juice from Pulco. If you can't find this in your local super market, you can also use 5ml of a lemon juice like this.
  5. Add 50ml of ginger beer. You can use any ginger beer, but our favorite for the Mango Jango was the one from the Belgian brand Double Dutch.
  6. Top it of with 4 to 5 mint leaves and stir it a little so it mixes with the rest of the cocktail
  7. Enjoy!

Qallo cocktail Mango Jango

Juni Berry

This name is almost as obvious as the Mango Jango. The name Juni Berry comes from 'Juniper Berry' and Red Berries. Juniper berries are used to make Jenever.

  1. Add an (preferably slow melting) ice cube to a glass of at least 250ml
  2. Add 40ml young jenever (0Y old). We used Filliers Young Jenever. But any young Jenever should do the trick
  3. Make a Qallo Red Berries and add 100ml to the mix
  4. Add 15ml of Monin Basil Sirup to the mix. It's something you won't find in every supermarket, so we suggest to order it online. And if you can't find it, you can even make the cocktail without it.
  5. Mix it with 50ml Indian Tonic Water. We used the Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water, but feel free to use any Indian Tonic
  6. Here you can also top of the cocktail with 4 to 5 mint leaves. Stir a little so it mixes with the rest.
  7. Enjoy!

Qallo cocktail Juni Berry

Now you're all set to enjoy your well-deserved cocktails. Feel free to tag us on Instagram with your version of the Mango Jango and the Juni Berry. Cheers! 🍹

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