CasualGorilla breaks Guinness World Record™

Wout 'CasualGorilla' Lenaerts during his Guinness World Record™ Attempt

Last weekend, our partnered streamer Wout 'CasualGorilla' Lenaerts set a brand new Guinness World Record™ together with Mobile Vikings at the Qallo HQ.

CasualGorilla went for the Longest videogame marathon playing a role-playing game (RPG). The previous record - set by a group of gamers from the USA while playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - stood for 10 years, and the time to beat was 48H and 14 minutes. Wout choose for the Ubisoft game Assassin's Creed: Valhalla.

Support of the community

Abulic feeding CasualGorilla a Kinder Surprise Egg while hosting.

As if the World Record Attempt wasn't hard enough already, to make it even more interesting, he live streamed the whole attempt on his Twitch Channel where his fans and followers could support him.

Over the course of the weekend, he could also count on the support of other steamers like ZicZacKitty, Twoosie, Laagvliet, Espe, Abulic, Fury, and so many more who payed him a visit. Fury even pulled an all-nighter together with him, here at the Qallo HQ. Some of the fans on Twitch joined the duo via the live stream.

Official supervision

CasualGorilla playing Assassin's Creed: Valhalla during the Guinness World Record™ Attempt.

For the record to be valid, Wout had to follow the official rules set by Guinness. Every hour, he could take a break of 10 minutes. The first 9 hours he didn't even take a single break. With those saved breaks, he could take a nap for few hours. Luckily, we had ZicZacKitty and Espe to entertain us while Wout was sleeping the first night.

The complete attempt was recorded and there were always two witnesses to supervise all went according to the rules. The last few hours, there even was an official Guinness World Records™ adjudicator to audit and verify the World Record.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0!

Wout Lenaerts holding the official Guinness World Records™ certificate, handed over
by an official adjudicator.

Sunday, just before noon, the record fell. Initially, Wout wanted to go for 60 hours of gaming, but as the brand new record was already set, he felt it was enough for him. Around 4PM some followers in his chat motivated him to keep going a little longer and to go for a special time.

It was his girlfriend Renkse who stopped the official timer at 54 hours, 32 minutes and 10 seconds, and the official certificate was presented to Wout by the Guinness adjudicator.

With his time of 54h 32m and 10s, Wout now can proudly call himself an official Guinness World Record™ holder. To celebrate, we soon might drop something very cool and limited together with Wout. But more on that later…

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