B&O Beoplay Portal Review

Alexander using the new Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal at the office.

“Still as amazing as my first, but so much better in terms of connectivity.“ - Alexander Van Laer, Cofounder Qallo

Currently, our Qallo Gaming Corner is fully equipped with the latest gaming headsets of B&O. This version is specifically designed for PC & Playstation. The connection is smooth and stable. Sound quality, as one might expect from a brand like B&O, is excellent.

On a design level, the Beoplay Portal is in a league of its own. A slick, minimal design, perfect for our gaming room or for getting eyeballs when working commute from a hipster coffee bar (yes we do that sometimes).

What's in the box?


  • Beoplay Portal headphones
  • USB-A to USB-C cable, 1.8 m
  • 3.5 mm audio cable, 1.25 m
  • Quick Start Guide
  • USB-C dongle and USB-A adaptor for seamless connectivity (only PC version)



  • Frequency Range: 20-22,000 Hz
  • Adaptive ANC (& Transparency mode)
  • Dolby Atmos for headphones
  • Check out more here

Battery Life

Compared to the first version, the battery life improved quite a lot as well. Where you could use the Xbox version up to 12 hours while gaming wireless, Bluetooth and ANC, you can do this for 19 hours with the updated PC/Playstation version. The Xbox version can go up to 24 hours with Bluetooth and ANC, the PC or Playstation lasts almost double the time with 42 hours. The charging time is around 2 hours.

Review by Alexander

"I used the previous version of the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal on a daily base. I was very happy with the build quality, the sound quality and the microphone. That microphone is epic - the noise cancellation of the background sound is so good that I can communicate with other people, even when I'm sitting in a noisy place. Very handy.

The only downside of my previous B&O Beoplay Portal was the connection issue. It often did not automatically connect to my computer, my phone, ... And I was not able to use it to connect with my PlayStation. My latest version of the Beoplay Portal literally ticks all boxes. Still as amazing as my first, but so much better in terms of connectivity. The small USB dongle that is delivered together with the BeoPortal makes connection with my computer or PlayStation so easy. It's really a huge step forward!"

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