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Our food supplements consist of pharmaceutical grade and scientifically backed ingredients, specifically designed for the digital generation who take their health and performance seriously.

Our products are approved by the Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain, one of the most rigorous and renowned administrations on food supplementation in the world.

Our R&D team has produced natural and highly effective products based on the latest scientific evidence, decades of research, and centuries of traditional herbal medicine. All of our ingredients are sourced from quality suppliers and tested for safety and quality.

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Scientific Approach

#focus #performance #concentration

Science Behind QFocus

QFocus is a premium nootropic without caffeine for mental performance with proven short term and long term benefits.

#sleep #relax #stress

Science Behind QSleep

QSleep consists of multiple plant extracts that restores your biological clock, promotes falling asleep, ensures consistent sleep and delivers rest and relaxation.

#joints #flexibility #anti-inflammation

Science Behind QFlex

QFlex is a pioneer in terms of joint/tendon support and flexibility thanks to the unique, high-quality ingredients - backed by multiple clinical studies.

#energy #focus #hydrate

Science Behind QEnergy

QEnergy is a high-quality energy drink that helps you hydrate, improves your concentration and contains a vitamin B complex.



R&D Team

Our multidisciplinary R&D team of pharmacologists, MDs and PhDs have over 50 years of combined experience in developing and advising products that support people to reach their maximum potential.

They are big believers in scientifically backed ingredients and evidence based formulations. In developing the products, we closely worked with Esports athletes, gamers and streamers to create the best possible products for our community.

Our Production


Our production facility is located in Belgium, the home of world class pharmaceuticals, and adheres to the highest quality standards. Our manufacturing approach is based on industrial excellence, which is validated by adopting the ISO 22.000 standard for Food Safety Management.

This procedure validates the entire process from product design to stability protocol, analytical protocol and production upscaling.

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