✔︎ Caffeine-free
✔︎ Improves concentration
✔︎ Promotes cognitive function
✔︎ Supports memory performance.


"I make less mistakes"

"I really notice a difference when playing with QFocus, I find it easier to stay focussed, I make less mistakes even after a long day at work. I started using it in the morning as well to give my work day a jump start. I really works so I would highly recommend everyone to give it a try.

- Gert



Qallo offers QFocus and QSleep, two food supplements with pharmaceutical grade and scientifically backed ingredients. Both products have been designed for gamers, players and Esports athletes who take their health and in-game performance seriously. Our products are approved by the Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain, one of the most rigorous and renowned administrations on food supplementation in the world. All our products are vegan, sugar-free and non-addictive.

QFocus is an adaptogenic and nootropic based supplement with proven short term and long term benefits. It supports learning, brain performance and memorization abilities, improves concentration and contributes to cognitive performance and reduction of fatigue. QFocus does not contain caffeine.

QSleep consists of multiple plant extracts that helps to cope with stress and helps to maintain a natural sleep. It supports relaxation, calmness and both mental and physical well-being.

★ Pharmaceutical grade and scientifically backed ingredients

★ Designed for players who take their health and in-game performance seriously


Staying focused while playing poker is a key to success.

Being able to focus for extended periods of time is one of the most important skills a poker player can have.

Better focus during sessions will increase your win-rate substantially, and it separates okay-to-good poker players from the great players.

Giving the game your undivided attention might even be more important than figuring out your c-bets, check-raise strategy, or any other strategic concept. 
QFocus supports learning, brain performance and memorization abilities, improves concentration and contributes to cognitive performance and reduction of fatigue.


"As a pharmacist, the quality and safety of supplements are super important to me. I’m always curious about what goes into a product (which ingredients, the dosage, the scientific research behind, etc). I’m really excited about the Qallo products as they only use pharmaceutical grade ingredients and the amounts shown by research to be the most effective. 

Personally, I’m a big fan of QFocus. From my own experience I can say that it makes me feel more alert and energised, but in a calm and controlled way."

Anne Goossens | Pharmacist, Masters in Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences

"Step up your game with QFocus. As a quick win for improved focus and brain performance, this caffeine-free formula is unique in his kind. 

The power of QSleep is that it focuses on disconnecting before bedtime. The key for a good night's rest, in a high demanding world where there is constant risk of over-stimulation."

Siebe Hannosset | Readiness To Perform expert & Health Consultant

"I really love this awesome feeling of being 'in the zone' with no distractions, calmness and laser-sharp focus. When you have this feeling, you are more creative, make better and faster decisions and ultimately, win more games. 

But what if you could do something to kickstart getting in the zone? Good news: you can, and it’s called QFocus. I use it every single day and am still amazed by the power of this product."

Niels Peetermans | High Performance Esports coach & Ultra Athlete


QFocus supplement - concentration, focus

✔︎ Supports brain performance

✔︎ Contributes to cognitive performance

✔︎ Improves concentration

✔︎ Supports learning

QSleep supplement - sleep, relax

✔︎ Supports calmness

✔︎ Helps to cope with stress

✔︎ Supports mental well-being

✔︎ Supports relaxation