Rave with the CasualGorilla Sticker!

The limited edition cgorillarave-sticker by CasualGorilla and Qallo

If you like to watch a Belgian stream on Twitch from time to time, you've probably seen it. Whether you're a CasualGorilla fan, hater, lover, lurker,... chances are you've already seen the cgorillaRave or the cgorillaJamJam emote. We're a fan. And that's why we've made something special, together with the Gorilla himself...


In December 2021, CasualGorilla held his first subathon. During this 247(!!) hour long fest full of fun, crazy stuff and strange words that you'll only hear in the North part of Belgium, right above Antwerp, a lot of memorable moments passed. As if that wasn't enough, the Alpha Male hosted a charity stream, together with his lovely Kempen Dangerboys, for 'De Warmste Week' collecting €3.000. For us, the most legendary bits during the subathon remain the vibings on techno records such as 66 by Rephate. Below is a clip from one of his vibings during the stream.


The limited edition cgorillarave-sticker by CasualGorilla and Qallo front and back

Limited Edition Sticker

Because we are a big fan of our partner 'Rilla and his 'work', we wanted to give a nice extra to his loyal community. That's why we've released a unique, limited edition cgorillaRave-sticker in collaboration with CasualGorilla.

How To Get This Sticker

Tomorrow - January 28, 2022 - CasualGorilla will be streaming at the Qallo HQ. Follow his livestream from 14:00 on twitch.tv/casualgorilla

Everyone who places an order on our webshop with the personal code of CasualGorilla, will receive the limited edition cgorillaRave-sticker with their order and a handwritten card by the 'Rilla himself! This promotion runs until January 28, 2022, 17:00. Only 200 will be made of this sticker with the first edition stamp.

More info on the CasualGorilla socials!

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