UPDATE: Our crowdlending raised €199.500

The Qallo founders: Niels Peetermans, Alexander Van Laer and Moos Tits

Qallo is on a roll! We just launched a crowdlending campaign together with Winwinner. In this way we offer you - the Qallo community - the opportunity to invest in our growth story.

UPDATE: our crowdfund raised €199.500 + we ended up above 266% of the target amount we want to raise.

Be part of the Qallo story

This is your chance to be part of the Qallo story. You can already invest from €500 with an annual net return of no less than 9% on crowdlending! A smart way to give your savings an extra boost.

Check: winwinner.be/qallo for all information!

Qallo's ambition

A healthy lifestyle will take you a long way, but everyone experiences an energy dip from time to time. As an alternative to traditional caffeine-rich drinks such as coffee or energy drinks full of sugar and artificial ingredients, we started Qallo two years ago.

In the meantime, we have already sold more than 350,000 energizers through our webshop or distribution partners such as AS Adventure, Game Mania and Farmaline.

To respond to our growth, we successfully completed a first capital round at the beginning of this year and welcomed Spadel - the market leader in mineral water in the Benelux - as an investor, among others.

Now we also want to give others the opportunity to participate in our growth plans.

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About Winwinner

Winwinner is a crowdlending platform where companies can publicize their search for financing and find investors who want to invest in those companies through loans. In this way, our fans can be part of our growth and earn something from it themselves. Winwinner accompanies Qallo through the whole process of the public funding search (campaign design, administration, contact with investors...).

So we are holding a crowdfunding campaign, which means that you can also invest in Qallo via a loan that can give you a return that is well above the interest on savings accounts!

Investment Opportunities

A crowd loan (standardized subordinated loan, from 500 euros)
  • 9% annual gross interest
  • Investment with a term of 4 years
  • One-off repayment
  • 0% guarantee

The Winwin loan (subordinated loan, from 2,500 euros)
  • 5.25% annual gross interest + 2.50% annual tax credit
  • 30% government guarantee on the outstanding amount
  • Investment with a term of 5 years
  • 0% guarantee

An example

The percentages above may not make everything immediately clear. That is why an example for an investment of €5.000 as a private individual: with the crowd loan you have a return of €1.800 after 4 years. With the win-win loan, that is just over €1.312 return after 5 years! On our campaign page you can simulate your return yourself, for different amounts.

We want to raise a minimum of €75.000 and a maximum of €175.000 through the offer of the crowd loan and the win-win loan (both subordinated loans).

Of course we also want to point out the risks of any investment. As an investor, you run the risk of losing all or part of the invested amount in the event of an impossibility of repayment.

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