How to make the perfect Qallo

How to make the perfect Qallo

It's two in the afternoon, you're at work and you're starting to feel a little tired. But you still have to finish that presentation, and you want to ace it. You sure can use some extra energy and focus. You've got yourself some Qallo and a shaker and you're ready for the boost! But... How do you make the perfect Qallo? Below we've made a step by step plan and some extra pro tips!

How to make the perfect Qallo

  1. Take your Qallo® Shaker (or any other shaker/water bottle) 🎉
  2. Fill it with 0,5L - 1L water 🚰 (a lot of people prefer ice cold water)
  3. Add the powder from the Qallo® sachet or scoop (inside the tub) 🌱
  4. Shake it! 💃🕺
  5. Drink up and enjoy the power of Qallo! ⚡️

From 0,5L to 1,0L

Like mentioned above, you can mix your Qallo® sachet with 0,5L to 1,0L. You can mix it with as much water you like. Want the taste to be a bit more intens? Mix it with 0,5L! Want the taste to be a bit softer? Mix it with 1,0L!

Oh, and of course, anything in between is fine too! ⚡️

Some Extra Pro Tips

  • Add some extra ice cubes to make the water even colder and even more refreshing
  • If you love tea, we’re sure you’re gonna love this! Add around half a sachet to a cup of hot (not boiling) water (+/- 60°C to 80°C). Thank us later!

That's all! If you're interested, you can try Qallo with our starter pack. This contains 2 sachets of each flavor and a limited edition Qallo Shaker.

Try The Qallo® Starter Pack
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