5 Tips To Stay Energized at Festivals

Someone holding a Qallo made at a festival

The festival season has started off strong in Belgium. With Rock Werchter, Graspop, Sunrise Festival, Couleur Café, Paradise City, and many more behind us, it’s safe to say the festival season is in full swing. But with many more festivals on the horizon, we have the ultimate guide to staying energized.

1. Drink plenty of water

By now, everyone knows that it's best to drink enough water every day. You need about 1,5 liters per day. However, dancing all day in the sun, sweating, and drinking alcohol can make you need more water than the recommended liter and a half. Try to alternate between alcoholic drinks and water (or other non-alcoholic drinks) to stay hydrated. The ideal festival buddy is Qallo, but more on that in point 4.

2. Apply sunscreen and watch out for sunstroke

One thing you definitely shouldn't forget is sunscreen. It's important to protect your skin from the sun. Even if it's not really hot, the sun's rays can quickly cause sunburn. Therefore, use a high SPF sunscreen to provide sufficient protection.

Not only protect yourself from sunburn but also from sunstroke. Wearing a hat or cap will protect you from sunstroke, so you can showcase your best dance moves all day long.

3. Eat healthy from time to time

We get it. Festivals aren't always known for offering the healthiest food options. People often turn to fries, hamburgers, or pizza. We're not going to tell you not to eat them because, let's be honest, we all enjoy an unhealthy snack from time to time.

Unfortunately, this greasy food can make you feel tired quickly. Therefore, try to alternate with a (slightly) healthier snack. Many festivals nowadays also offer alternatives such as poke bowls, wok dishes, a chicken sandwich, or falafel. You can also choose a popsicle or fruit as a snack.

4. Bring Qallo sachets

We have already tested it, and Qallo sachets are allowed inside the festivals we have visited. This way, you can easily order a bottle of water and make a Qallo when you feel like it. It's perfect for getting through the hangover from the previous day or just for getting some extra energy.

Did you know that most festivals nowadays allow you to bring your own water bottle? However, it's best to check the specific policy of the festival you're attending in advance.

Qallo featured in Het Laatste Nieuws (HLN)

Qallo is Festival proof!

Qallo was featured in HLN. Translation of the article:
"Forget traditional energy drinks or coffee as energy boosters to get through those long festival days. With Qallo, an energizer in powder form that you can easily add to water in your water bottle, you'll give your energy levels a boost. This healthy, refreshing powdered drink is sugar-free, contains hardly any calories (8 kcal), and has plant extracts and vitamins as its foundation."

- Het Laatste Nieuws

5. Arrive on time

It may sound like a silly tip, but we're not saying it without reason. Not that long ago, most festivals in Belgium often lasted until 3:00 am. However, nowadays, most festivals start in the early afternoon and end around midnight or 1:00 am. If you only arrive by 6:00 pm, you've already missed half of the festival.

By arriving before the mass, you'll get in faster, have more time to explore the festival grounds, discover upcoming talents more often, and simply kick-start the party sooner!

That were our 5 tips to stay energized. If you take your Qallo with you to the festivals, be sure to take a picture and don’t forget to tag us. Have fun, and be safe! ⚡️

Someone holding the sachets of the three Qallo flavors.

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