QFocus - In The Zone & Increased Brain Performance

QFocus - In The Zone & Increased Brain Performance


Number of Capsules 30

Endorsed by Worlds Top Pro-Gamers

QFocus is the ideal way to stay sharp while gaming or working. Because it's caffeine- and sugar-free, you won't have any more focus crashes caused by sugar and high dosages of caffeine.

Say goodbye to an increased heartbeat, sweaty palms, brain fog and jitters and say hello to the best focus you'll ever have. Start winning more games and performing better.


  • First noticeable effects after 30 minutes
  • Strong effects for two to three hours
  • Take up to six capsules per day
  • 100% transparent label


QFocus is a premium nootropic without caffeine for mental performance with proven short-term and long-term benefits. We specifically developed this product to enhance focus and concentration, support mental endurance and boost energy. Take 1 or 2 capsules per serving with a maximum of 6 capsules per day.


QSleep consists of multiple plant extracts that restores your biological clock, promotes falling asleep, ensures consistent sleep and delivers rest and relaxation. The capsules are vegan and only contain natural ingredients. They are tasteless and easy to swallow with some water. Take 1 capsule 30 minutes before bedtime.

Natural Ingredients
We have carefully selected 8 natural ingredients with each their own specific way of working and benefits.
Natural Ingredients
We have carefully selected 6 natural ingredients with each their own specific way of working and benefits.


The effects already start kicking in after 20 minutes. One hour after taking QFocus, the effects reach their maximum strength. You will feel 'in the zone' with no distractions & high on energy. The concentration boost lasts for around two hours. After 8 hours, the effects are fully worked out.


One hour after taking QSleep, the maximum benefits are achieved. You will feel calm, relaxed and find it easier to fall asleep. The soothing and sleep-promoting characteristics last for well over three hours, more than long enough to support you in falling asleep. After 8 hours, the effects are fully worked out. Taking QSleep has no long term effects.


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Find anything you want to know about our products and how to use them.
What is QFocus and QSleep used for? And how do they work?
QFocus and QSleep are two food supplements with pharmaceutical grade and scientifically backed ingredients. Both products have been designed for gamers and Esports athletes who take their health and in-game performance seriously.

 QFocus is an adaptogenic and nootropic based supplement with proven short term and long term benefits. It supports learning, brain performance and memorization abilities, improves concentration and contributes to cognitive performance and reduction of fatigue.

QSleep consists of multiple plant extracts that helps to cope with stress and helps to maintain a natural sleep. It supports relaxation, calmness and both mental and physical well-being.
Why are QFocus and QSleep capsules? How do I take it?
A capsule has multiple benefits. First of all capsules have the highest absorption rate compared to other dosage forms, which means that more of the ingredients are likely to enter the bloodstream thus making it more effective. Second, capsules are tasteless, thus can not have an unpleasant taste or odor. Third, you do not need to add sweeteners are artificial components that other forms need. And last but not least, capsules don't take up a lot of space & are easily portable and usable on the go.

 You take both products like regular capsules, with a big sip of water!
How many capsules of QFocus and QSleep can I take?
You can take up to 6 capsules of QFocus per day (with a max of 2 capsules per serving). You can take 1 capsule of QSleep per day (preferably 60 min before going to bed).

 We recommend taking the last serving of QFocus 2 hours before going to bed and QSleep 30min before going to sleep.

 We highly recommend not to take QFocus and QSleep at the same moment.
Are Qallo products legal to take? Will it show on doping tests?
It is perfectly legal to take all the Qallo products. We developed all our products to be compliant with WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) so it will not show on a doping test.

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